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Patapaa’s Wife Displays Her Pregnancy In Fresh Video. [Watch]

Good news in the camp of Patapaa as his wife subtly displays her pregnancy I’m a fresh video.

The one corner hit maker, Patapaa raised eyebrows when he got engaged to his German girl friend earlier this year. Lots of Ghanains were surprised as to why he went for a white lady and not a Ghanaian. However, his replies to one of such questions was that “ɛtwɛ biiaaa yɛ ɛtwɛ” which roughly translates as every woman is a woman.

Earlier today, Liha Miller the wife of Patapaa posted a video of herself on her official instagram page which suggests she is with a child. However there is no information from the camp of Patapaa hence it is not clear if indeed it is a baby bump or not.

Take a careful look at the video below 👇👇

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