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Price of Contact Lenses In Ghana

Price of Contact Lenses In Ghana

Do you have issues with your sight that needs correcting? If yes then contact lenses may work perfectly for you. That is why I’m going to provide you with the price of contact lenses in Ghana in this article for you to have an idea of how much it is being sold.

Many a times, prices of items have scared people away from buying things that are required of them simply because they think they cannot afford them. Forgetting that the longer they procrastinate in buying that item, the more the prices go high and their condition get worse.

Therefore if you are here and you know you or your loved one has a problem with their sight and the optician has recommended a contact lens, then do not hesitate as it has come to the aid of millions of people worldwide. Your eye is the lamp of your body hence do not let that lamp of yours go off because of money.

But before we go into the price of contact lenses in Ghana, let us first understand what they are and why they are so important and common in our generation.

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What Are Contact Lenses? 

Contact lenses according to Wikipedia are “thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes”. Contact lenses are different from glasses although they both can be worn to correct eyesight. The lenses are placed directly on the eyes hence if you are someone who isn’t a fan of glasses like me, then contact lenses is a good option.

Others also wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes just to change the color of their eye to a color they prefer. However aside that, contact lenses are highly recommended for persons with aniseikonia and keratoconus.

Contact lenses can be used to correct myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia, etc. All you have to do is speak with contact lense specialist or an optician so they recommend which type of contacts is best for you.

Price of Contact Lenses In Ghana 

The price of contact lenses in Ghana varies depending on the type, usage, etc. Here are a few types of contacts and their prices that should give you an idea of what to expect when you go shopping for contacts.

  • Clear 1 Day (daily contact- comes with 30 lenses in a pack ie. 15 pairs)- approximately Ghs200.00
  • Freshlook one day (10 lenses in a pack ie. 5 pairs) – approximately Ghs345.00
  • Proclear 1 Day( 30 lenses in a pack ie. 15 pairs)- approximately Ghs345.00
  • Clear 55A (monthly contact- 6 lenses in a pack/ 3 pairs)- approximately Ghs220.00
  • Purevision by Bausch and Lomb (pack of 3 lenses) – approximately Ghs360.00
  • Clariti by Coopervision (pack of 3 lenses/pieces)- approximately Ghs375.00
  • Freshlook Colors (pack of 2 lenses ie. 1 pair)- approximately Ghs390.00
  • Freshlook Dimensions (pack of 2 Lenses ie. 1 pair)- approximately Ghs390.00

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Top Optical Service Providers In Ghana 

Your eye is very delicate hence must be taken care of properly. Don’t just buy contacts without knowing how to use it safely to avoid damaging your eyes the more. Hence here area few top Optical service providers in the country you can visit so they can have your eyes checked and recommend the best contacts for you.

  • Robert and Sons Limited
  • Amasha Optical Services
  • Lotus Optical Center
  • Eye Express
  • Dziram Eye Center
  • Genade Opticals Ltd
  • Precise Optical Services
  • Spectacular Optics
  • Etc.


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