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Price Of Rubber Carpet In Ghana 2022

There are different types of carpets you can buy for your home or office but this article only looks at the price of rubber carpet in Ghana. The prices are not fixed as there are certain factors that comes to play when pricing rubber carpets.

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Price of rubber carpet currently stands @GH¢20.00 per yard. Carpets in Ghana are usually sold per yard as the size of your room will determine the number of yards you will need.

Most standard rooms require either 8 or 10 yards of carpet to cover the entire room.

According to Wikipedia, A “carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing”.

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Carpets helps in insulating a person’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, making a room more comfortable as a place to sit on the floor. They make it possible for you to sit or lie on the floor if you don’t want to sit in the sofa.


Ruber carpets are less expensive as compared to the woolen carpets. However, they are also less durable as compared to woolen carpets.

Rubber carpets are more likely to tear after a shorter period than woolen carpets. Therefore, it must be treated with care so it doesn’t tear after a few weeks or months. Examine yourself and the class of people you’ll be living with before making a purchase decision. This is because a rubber carpet may not be advisable if you have two or three kids who may end up damaging it.



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