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Prices Of Security Doors In Kumasi

The feeling of knowing that you are some what free from danger or threat in your home or office cannot be overlooked and in this article, we will be giving you the prices of security doors in Kumasi.

Security doors have become more popular in Ghana over the years. It is however perceived as a luxury by some ghanaians because of its price as compared to the normal hinged doors we are used to.

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Security doors are built to prevent intruders from breaking in and they offer much higher level of protection and security than the regular doors.


Most Security doors have some or all of these features

  • Dead bolts
  • Bars
  • Alarms
  • Door chains
  • Door viewer/ Peephole
  • Hinge screws
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1. Stronger Locks; The locks on security doors are stronger than just an average lock. They are made of stronger and heavy duty material that prevents an intruder from breaking it.

2. Stronger Frames; Frames of security doors are alot more stronger than the ordinary doors. With security doors, it is impossible for it to be kicked down like you see in action movies. This is because security doors are much stronger and they are made of steel, aluminium or a metal alloy.

3. Non Removable Hinges; With security doors, it is impossible for intruders to remove hinges in order to break into your home.

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The prices of security doors vary depending on material used, quality, size etc. However, the prices we will be providing you in this article will guide you when making a purchase.

1. Gh¢910.00- Safety elegant durable security door

Seller location – Kumasi metropolitan

Color- Brown (different colors also available)

Size – Single (different sizes also available)

Contact Seller – 0548062131

2. Gh¢2,750- CED Heavy door

High security heavy door, single size

Color – Gold

Contact – 0548062131

3. Gh¢3,500 – Turkish Original Heavy Door

Color – Black

Contact – 0248053586

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4. Gh¢1,550- SED double door

5. Gh¢900- SED Security door (Single)


Prices of security doors varies depending on several factors. However, the price should be a reason why you wouldn’t install a security considering the good you’ll be doing your family if you secure your home with a security door.

It’s about time Ghanaians begin to move away from the mind set that these security doors are only meant for the rich and powerful.

With as little as Gh¢800.00 or Gh¢900.00, you can purchase a quality door and have it installed by an expert.


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