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Prodigal Father Of Agya Koo Returns, Wishes To Unite With Actor

The alleged prodigal father of veteran Ghanaian comic actor, Agya Koo has finally returned after abandoning him for years as he wishes to correct his mistakes.

An old man who claims to be the father of the comic actor has popped up from no where as he seeks to reconcile with his alleged son, Agya Koo whom he abandoned several years ago.

The man who is known as Mr. Kwasi Bediako revealed who he is in a latest exclusive interview with Nana Sefa Hwenebobo on Ghana News TV.

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According to Mr. Kwesi Bediako he was working at Cocobod at the time he had an affair with Agya Koo’s mother. The incident he said happened in the early 1960s at Meridian Hotel in Tema but has not seen or heard from the actors mother since she informed him of the pregnancy and birth.

He said “I only heard that she had given birth and named him Kofi Adu, only for me to see him on television as Agya Koo. I just knew that he was my son because of certain characteristics and traits he exhibits.”

Explaining why he waited for this long to come out, he claims he was shy and afraid but will now jump and hug him if he happens to meet him.

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“If I met him today, I’ll jump and hug him as my son but I’ve never reached out because I was shy and afraid. I did not want it to look like I was chasing him because of his status in life” he claims.

Mr. Bediako wants to public to help him reach out to the actor so they can reconcile after abandoning him for over 50 years.


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