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Radio Stations In Kumasi, Frequencies & Locations

Below is a comprehensive list of radio stations in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti region, their frequencies plus locations. Kumasi is the second most populated city of Ghana and it is very evident in the number of radio stations in the City.

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Kumasi alone has about 50 radio stations serving residents of the city with news, entertainment, sports etc. As a result, you will definitely be lost for choice due to the various programs they have lined up for their listeners.

With the help of this list of radio stations in Kumasi, their frequencies and locations, finding a station to listen to shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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List of Radio Stations in KumasiĀ 

Name Frequency (MHz) City or Town
Angel FM 96.1 Kumasi
Y FM 102.5 Kumasi
Ashh FM 101.1 Kumasi
Boss FM 93.7 Kumasi
Sikka FM 89.5 Kumasi
Focus FM 94.3 Kumasi
Fox FM 97.9 Kumasi
Akoma FM 87.9 Kumasi
Silver FM 98.3 Kumasi
Garden City Radio 92.1 Kumasi
Hello FM 101.5 Kumasi
Agyenkwa FM 101.9 Kumasi
Kapital Radio 97.1 Kumasi
RFI 92.9 Kumasi
Kessben FM 93.3 Kumasi
Solid FM 103.7 Kumasi
Ahoto FM 92.5 Kumasi
Light FM 94.9 Kumasi
Luv FM 99.5 Kumasi
Haske FM 91.7 Kumasi
New Mercury 91.5 Kumasi
Nhyira FM 104.5 Kumasi
Bohye FM 95.3 Kumasi
Otec FM 102.9 Kumasi
Radio Lynk 90.5 Kumasi Technical University
Spirit FM 88.3 Kumasi
Ultimate FM 106.9 Kumasi
Zuria FM 88.7 Kumasi
Price FM 107.3 Kumasi
Gye Nyame FM 94.5 Kumasi
Sunsum FM 98.7 Kumasi
Cash FM 91.1 Kumasi
Promise FM 105.9 Kumasi
Opemsuo FM 104.7 Kumasi
Mynd FM 105.1 AAM-USTED, Kumasi
Alpha Radio 104.9 Kumasi
Wontumi Radio 101.3 Kumasi
Kingdom FM 100.1 Kumasi
Sea FM 102.1 Kumasi
Rock FM 97.3 Kumasi
Asaase Radio 98.5 Kumasi
Heaven FM 90.1 Kumasi
Abusua FM 96.5 Kumasi
Pure FM 95.7 Kumasi
Oyerepa FM 100.7 Kumasi
Orange FM 107.9 Kumasi
Adehye 99.1 Kumasi
Aben FM 103.3 Kumasi
Anidaso FM 87.5 Kumasi
Holy FM 105.7 Kumasi
Kumasi FM 104.1 Kumasi
Sweet FM 106.1 Kumasi
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