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Role Of National Teaching Council Of Ghana

The National Teaching Council (NTC) is an agency of the Ministry of Education. It is mandated by the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020 (Act 1023) to promote teacher professionalism in Ghana..


  • License and Register teachers
  • Keep up-to-date database of teachers
  • Develop and periodically review professional standards and code of ethics.
  • Conduct teacher Licensure Examination
  • Provide framework for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers
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Functions of the National Teaching Council (NTC) 

(a) Advise the Minister:

Firstly, the role of the NTC is to;
i. on matters relating to the professional standing and status of teachers; and
ii. on the education, development and employment of teachers;

(b) conduct examination for the licensing of persons who successfully complete teacher education programmes;

(c) issue license to persons who pass the examination conducted by the Council in accordance with paragraph (b);

(d) register teachers who satisfy the conditions for the issue of the appropriate license;

(e) keep and maintain a register of duly qualified teachers;

(f) develop code of ethics and professional practice for the teaching profession;

(g) accredit, in collaboration with relevant agencies, institutions offering teacher education and development programmes;

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(h) subject to the approval by the Board, issue temporary certification to persons who without the requisite teacher education, desire to teach;

(i) revoke the license of or suspend a teacher after a case of professional misconduct is established and disciplinary procedures concluded;

(j) restore the license of a suspended teacher who has served the suspension and has been recommended for reinstatement;

(k) develop and promote continuing professional education in the teaching profession;

(l) establish standards for teacher education;

(m) exercise disciplinary powers over teachers

(n) suspend the license of a teacher undergoing disciplinary proceedings;

(o) provide a framework for the development of teacher education curriculum; and

(p) perform any other function incidental to the object of the Council


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