S3fa Goes In Hard On Ghanaians; Says They Have Short Memories (+Video)

Sensational Ghanaian singer, S3fa is of the strong belief that Ghanaians have short memories hence easily forgets songs and then request for new ones.

According to the “echoke” hitmaker, it’s a bit difficult to try to satisfy Ghanaian fans because of their short memories which makes them to easily forget songs and then begin to request for new ones.

She made these comments in a recent interview on Ladies Circle on TV3 which was aired over the weekend.

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According to her, she always prefers to leave a good interval between her releases so that her fans can have all the time to enjoy a particular song before releasing another one.

However, Ghanaians tend to have short memories hence pressure artistes to always release songs.

“With me, because I like enjoying my passion, I want people to enjoy it too. In as much as this is my profession now, I want people to listen to the songs and be like ‘okay she has put out a song so let me consume”.

Ghanaians have a short memory span. If you release a song today, thy can forget it in two weeks and they will be pressuring you for a new one.

If you follow them, you’ll release like thousand songs and they will not know one”, she said.

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