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Second Hand Clothing Bales Price In Kumasi

The price of second hand clothing bales in Kumasi vary due to factors such as the type of cloths that are bundled together to make up the bale. Quantity of cloths in the bale or the weight also determines the price of a second hand clothing bale.

Ideally, Kantamanto or Makola is your go-to hub for second clothing bales in Ghana. However, you can equally shop for second hand clothing elsewhere.

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But before we continue, one may ask “what is second hand clothing bales”? Well, a bale is a large quantity of something such as cloth, paper, hay tied together tightly. There, A Bale of cloths is a large quantity of cloth that has been tied together tightly.

A bale of adult clothes could have about 200 pieces or a little less whereas a bale of child cloth could have up to 450 pieces. These clothes are normally imported from UK, Canada etc.

Price Of Second Hand Clothing Bales 

As mentioned earlier, the price of second hand clothing bales in Kumasi may vary from seller to seller and also the types of clothes that make up the bale. However, a typical bale containing these types of clothes cost the following;

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Mixed T-Shirt and lacoste – Gh¢1, 200

Original Shorts – between Gh¢1,000- Gh¢1,500

Ladies cotton blouse – Gh¢1,200

Ladies cotton dress – Gh¢1,600

Brassiers – Gh¢900

Men’s Shirt – Between Gh¢2,500-3000

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If you want to trade in second hand clothing as a retailer, then it’s best you buy them in bales so you can also resell to make some profits. Every now and then, people buy second hand cloths in Ghana due to its affordability hence there is a huge market for it.

It is however important to note that the prices quoted in this article are not fixed and may be slightly different on the market.


  1. Good day .Please reaching out to you from Ghana Obuasi. I am ready to inter into bussuines in second hand clothings.Kindly send to me quotation of all available bales and mode of payment.

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