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Shatta Wale Begs Netizens To Support His GOG Album Even If The Songs Are ‘Borla’

Shatta Wale has hilariously begged netizens to support his upcoming GOG Album even if the songs on it are borla.

The self acclaimed dancehall King has been trolled in the past for doing “Konko or borla songs” and it seems such comments has gotten to him. He is set to release his latest album in the coming weeks hence needs all the support he can get.

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And what better way to get support than to ask for it from the very people who can offer it.

Shatta Wale put his pride away as he begs for support from Twitter, the same platform that normally trolls him for doing “borla” songs.

His tweet reads Pls twitter if I release my songs and they are Borla kwraa pls support it ok cuz you know borla dier we all get some for house.. Let’s promote our borla.  Be a proud borlian 

Let’s do this for mother Ghana at least so Kwame Nkrumah can smile for once in his resting place.

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