Slippers Seller Accepts A ‘1 Night Stand’ Offer From Lady Who Didn’t Have Cash To Pay [+Video]

“Wahala never dey finish” as a young Nigerian hustler accepts to have a one night stand with a beautiful lady who claims she didn’t have cash to pay for a pair of slippers she bought.

Men go through all sort of struggles daily in order to make a living which is not devoid of temptations. And from this viral video making rounds on the internet, it appears this young man allowed himself to be tempted by this beautiful lady who claimed she didn’t have cash to pay for a pair of slippers she bought from the young man.

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The lady who can be seen smartly dressed in a manner that brings out her beautiful shape walked to the point where the young man was selling his slippers.

However, after getting her preferred slippers, she then decided to trade her body for the slippers instead, an offer the young slippers seller also accepted.

They exchanged contacts and promises to meet up later that night for the “one night stand”

Watch Video Below


The video has since gone viral on the Internet with lots of netizens blasting the young man for allowing his “pencil” decide for him in this difficult times.

But after a careful look, it’s very likely that this video is a prank video made by the lady who is probably a content creator.

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