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Tameawu Leaf: How To Use It To Get Favor From Someone- A Complete Guide

How to use Tameawu leaf as crowd puller

The Tameawu Leaf is one of the best things given to man by our maker (God). However, not alot of people know of this leaf and it’s importance. Hence I’m going to take my time to teach you how to use the Tameawu leaf to get favor from someone.

For those who know about this leaf (Tameawu), they know how good and powerful it is. However, unfortunately there are also a section of ghanaians who think people who use the Tameawu leaf are doing “juju”.

NB: The use of Tameawu leaf is not juju but more or less a miracle plant given to mankind naturally from God, the creator of the universe.

Read along as I guide you through on how you can use the Tameawu leaf to get favor from someone who is capable of doing you that favor.

Things You Need

  • Miracle leaf: Tameawu (Ghana) Ewe Abamoda (Nigeria)
  • Glass of water
  • Honey
  • A piece of paper
  • Red pen

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What To Do 

  • Write the person’s name with the red pen on the piece of white paper and put it down with the name you’ve written facing up.
  • Rub or paint the Tameawu leaf entirely with honey and place it in the glass of water.
  • Now bring the class of water which has the Tameawu leaf in it to your mouth and say whatever favor you want from the person.
  • Last but not least, place the glass of water on the paper you’ve written the name and read these Psalms in that order; Psalm 64, Psalm 65, Psalm 66, Psalm 67.
  • Lastly, drink the water and chew the Tameawu leaf when you finish reading the Palms. Now call or visit the person you want the favor from.


  1. Great for your teachings and you have open my eyes about the miracle leave. please after chew the leaf should i take it out or sawarow it with the same water i put leave in and drink


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