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Top 4 Bedroom Mistakes Most Wives Make.

After God had created the heavens and the earth, he then formed man in his own image and strategically placed him in the garden of Eden. 

However after some time, He realised it was not good for man to be alone so He thought it wise to make a helper suitable for him. The helper God realised man needed was supposed to make him COMPLETE.

A wife must be compatible with her husband in many respects. That is physically, mentally, emotionally and above all spiritually. So therefore if you seek to be a wife or you are a wife, you must ask yourself if you are indeed making your husband COMPlETE.

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The Bible talks about how due to temptation to venereal immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.

To be wives and husbands put in alot of effort to find a partner however turn to lose guard after marriage. This phenomenon is both ways; however, today’s focus is on some bedroom mistakes some wives make that may end up driving their husbands away.

Quickly check out these four mistakes most wives make that must be avoided.


Strange as this may sound, there are some ladies out there who sometimes do not take their bath at night before sleeping. There are wives who after all the house chores go straight to bed with sweats, smelling onions and fish. Their main excuse is that they are tired although there are some who are generally dirty.

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Smelly wives is a turn off for most men that can lead them into seeking solace in another lady.


As a wife, you are supposed to give your husband unlimited access to your body. Hence if for some reason he realises that you are depriving him of that, he may begin to look else where. Wives must wear clothes their husband wouldn’t have to beg too much to have access.

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No matter how tired you may be, once your husband is in the mood, you must do well to respond to his touch. Do not make it look like he is touching some piece of log.

Some wives can be so boring that even when the husband tries to touch all the right places, they still do not respond or show any sign of interest. They just forget the fact that lovemaking is about sharing a special moment between a wife and her husband.


Come on you are married for Christ sake. Do not be shy of you husband!! Why do it in darkness when you have the whole room to yourselves? Although this may not be a problem for some people, there are some wives who cannot make love with their own husbands with the lights on.

To enjoy your marriage, the things that goes on in the bedroom matters hence attention must be given to it.

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NB: This list is not rocket science though hence may not be a problem for some husbands.


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