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Top Construction Companies In Ghana; Locations & Contacts

Construction companies in Ghana

There are several construction companies in Ghana that are doing their part to improve the infrustrure in the country. And in this article, I’m going to list some of the top construction companies in Ghana.

Some of these construction companies are solely into the construction of roads or buildings. There are also those who are into both and even more. Hence take your time and check out these top construction companies in Ghana and visit their websites as well for more information.

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List Of Top Construction Companies In Ghana 

In no particular order, these are the top construction companies in Ghana plus their contacts and locations.

Berock Ventures

Berock is one of the top construction companies in Ghana that has been in existence since 1993. It is a Chartered Building and Civil Engineering company with almost 30 years experience in the construction sector.

The company is fully owned by a Ghanaian who has managed to grow it to become what it is today. They have constructed several roads and buildings all over the country. Popular buildings include the Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy Complex Extension, Accra Shippers Center Project and Shops and Offices Complex at Community 2 in Tema, etc.

Berock Ventures is located on the Spintex Road, Kotobabi Cambodia,

P. O. Box SR 65, Spintex Road, Baatsona

Tel: 0302 814 301

For more information kindly click HERE .

Asanduff Construction

Asanduff Construction is another top construction company in Ghana with over 25 years in the construction sector. It initially started out as a block factory but with time added road and building construction to its operations.

Asanduff is located in Adenta Off No. TMA 0411, Adjacent Adenta Police Barrier,


Tel: 0308 176 867

For more information about Asanduff Construction, kindly click HERE

Asterion Construction 

Asterion Construction is your go-to construction company for all your construction needs. That is, road construction, building a new facility, renovation or site preparation, Asterion Construction is there for you.

They are located at #Indian Ocean Lake, Accra-Ghana.

Tel: 024 334 9950

For more information about Asterion Construction, kindly click HERE

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Inocon Group Limited

Inocon Ghana Limited is a construction company in Ghana with experienced professionals in the area of construction and other fields. They are into building engineering, Quantity surveying, Civil and Structural Engineering, Valuation and Architecture.

The company has been in operations over over 20 years now providing quality services to its clients over the years.

Inocon Ghana Limited is located at No.32, Spintex Road Accra, Ghana.

P. O. Box DS 281, Dansoman

Accra Ghana, West Africa

Tel: 030 2816 046/ 020 4363 502

Click HERE for more information about Inocon Group Limited.

Consar Limited 

Consar is one of the well known construction companies in Ghana with over 700 employees and over 30 years in the construction sector.

They have constructed some high profile buildings such as the SSNIT flats in Kumasi, Societe Générale Head Office Complex, AngloGold Ashanti’ Morila Gold mine project, etc.

They are located at Plot No. 11 Asokwa Industrial Area, Kumasi, Ghana

P. O. Box KS 1965, Kumasi Ghana.

Tel: 0322 023 186

Click HERE for more information about Consar Limited.

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Amandi Construction 

Amandi Construction is one of the best construction companies in Ghana. Their team of skilled and experienced civil and marine engineers have contributed immensely to the infrustrure growth of the country.

Amandi construction have completed a number of high profile projects in the country that cuts across buildings to the road and railway sector, oil and gas etc.

You can send them a message on  Email: [email protected] or visit their website Amandi Construction for more information.

Joshob Construction Company Limited 

Joshob Construction Company limited is a road construction company that started out in 1996 doing grading works and porthole patching. However, they have grown in the industry over the years and are competing with the very best for road construction contracts which they deliver according to standard.

You can reach them on Email: [email protected]

P. O. Box 7322 Accra-North

Tel: 0302 260 529

Click HERE for more information about Joshob Construction Limited.


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