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Top Real Estate Companies In Ghana

Real Estate is a serious business that is thriving here in Ghana too and due to their significance, we take a look at some top real estate companies in Ghana. But before we go into the list, let’s first understand what real estate is and how such companies can be useful to you.

What Is Real Estate?

According to Wikipedia, “Real Estate is property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. It is however important to note that, Real estate is different from personal property which is not permanently attached to the land.

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Personal properties such as cars, boats, jewelry, furniture or tools etc are not considered as Real Estate.

Types Of Real Estate 

Real Estate has been grouped or classified into different types based on its purpose or use. The four main types of real estate that is often used are I) Land II) Residential III) Commercial IV) Industrial 

A brief explanation will be given below in order to understand what each type of real estate is about.

  • LAND; there cannot be real estate without land. This is because it is the baseline for any type of real property. Developers usually buy raw or vacant land at reduced prices for future development. Once they build on the land, the value of the property increases.
  • RESIDENTIAL; this type of real estate involves housing for individuals, families or groups of people. The residential real estate market is very huge and is the most common type of estate. This is because every now and then people are looking for an apartment to buy or rent. There are also categories of residents which include single-Family houses, apartments, condominiums, townhomes, duplex etc.
  • COMMERCIAL; the market for commercial real estate is not as huge and common like the residential. This is because not everyone needs or will need a place to buy or rent for commercial/business purposes. Commercial real estate, simply put is property used for business/commercial purposes.
  • INDUSTRIAL; Industrial real estate is similar to that of commercial real estate. It refers to the buildings and land that is used for industrial purposes like construction, manufacturing, storage warehouse etc.

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List of Top Real Estate Companies In Ghana 

There are alot of real estate companies in Ghana doing their best to serve the Ghanaian market. However, we will be looking at only some top real estate companies in Ghana based on our research.

In no particular order, check out the list below;

Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited is arguably one of the best real estate companies in Ghana. The company has been in existence since 1991 with the sole intention to develop housing estates. Their main area of development has been in Greater Accra region where majority of their developments continue to take place.

Regimanuel Gray has projects at Comm 13, 14,15,18,19,20, Teshie-Nungua, East Airport, Klagon, Kwabenya and Katamanso all in Accra. They also have a project in Essipon near Sekondi in the Western region.

For more information, visit http://www.regimanuelgray.com

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Trasacco Company Limited 

Trasacco Estates development Company Ltd is a leading property developer in Ghana with over US$350 million in on-going projects as we speak. They are a turn key developer with strong in-house design teams, construction teams, cost control department, procurement and logistics department.

Visit http://www.trasaccogroup.com for more information

Devtraco Limited 

Devtraco is another top real estate company in Ghana. The company has been operating in Ghana since 2003 and has managed to build over 1,800 properties in Ghana.

They are committed to providing quality housing solutions to customers. They’ve got the Devtraco Courts and Naa Borley Enclave which has been designed to transmit a regal effect on all families.

Visit http://www.devtraco.com for more information.

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KAS Estate Ghana Ltd 

Is a real estate company that specializes in Land Sales, building & construction, Land documentation, real estate development, Sale of blocks and building materials etc.

They are located at Tesano, opposite Ghana Telecom University College. Visit http://www.kasestateghana.com for more information.

Salem Investment Ltd 

Salem Investment Ltd started operations as an importer and retailer of building material in 1995 but decided to venture into commercial real estate development in 1999.

They have supplied magnificent homes for different budgets and clients over the years. Salem Investment are also into the construction of projects like mechanised bore holes, roads etc.

Visit http://www.salemestate.com for more information.

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Lakeside Estates 

They are a leading real estate company that specializes in the provision of quality homes. Lakeside Estates latest project is at Katamanso where development is currently ongoing. Houses at Lakeside Estates range from 1-4 bedroom executive houses.

They are members of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA). Visit http://www.lakesideestate.com to check out their houses

Kings City Real Estate Ltd 

Kings City Real Estate Ltd is a Ghanaian owned real estate company that deals in affordable serviced plots, luxurious homes and property management.

They currently have about 15 property sites and over a 1,000 plus happy customers. Visit http://www.kingscityghana.com for more information and to check out their houses.

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Manet Group 

Manet is one of the leading real estate companies in Ghana and is a pioneering member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA). They have been in operation since the early nineties and have gone on to develop over 2000 residential homes.

Manet has two landmark office tower blocks in Accra, a 3-star holiday resort on the Volta estuary at Ada, deluxe apartment at East Legon and several high value executive mansions dotted around Airport Residential Area.

Visit http://www.manet.com to check out their houses and how you can also own a home from Manet.


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