Home Entertainment VIDEO: Hilarious Moment A Drunk Ali & Shemima Fell On Stage.

VIDEO: Hilarious Moment A Drunk Ali & Shemima Fell On Stage.

It was another dramatic night on TV3’s date rush show as Ali woke up feeling like Ghana’s strongest man as he tried lifting Shemima on stage. 

Last night (June 27) was the second episode of the date rush reunion on TV3. The show somehow has managed to win the hearts of many because they never disappoint and always makes the trends each week.

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So after the mighty fall of Ruth whiles descending from stage last week, it was the turn of Ali and Shemima this time around. For some reasons, a skinny and drunk Ali attempted to carry Shemima live on stage which will always have only one outcome (a fall).

It is conventional for participants of the show to make an entrance onto the stage with a song and a bit of dance. However, from what we saw Ali attempting to do on the night, maybe he should hit the gym and try contesting Ghana’s Strongest. (haha).


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