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[+Video]- Hilarious Moment Ruth Of Date Rush Fell Flat On Stage.

Last night was a night to forget for Ruth of date rush fame as she fell flat while descending from stage. 

TV3 Ghana’s date rush show has come to stay and manages to make the trends each week due to the buzz around it. Ruth didn’t help matters when she decided to let her anger take the better of her resulting in her “mighty fall”

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The main purpose of the show is for participants to look for love because everyone deserves love after all. However, it has been disappointment and embarrassment galore for nurse Ruth ever since she came on the show. Ruth is one of the few beautiful ladies who didn’t get a date on the show.

However, she revealed last night that other guys who had dates on the show were hitting on her off the show. At the time she made these revelations, Giovanni asked for evidence which she didn’t have with her. So she had to come back on stage later to show the evidence of her chat with the said guy to him.

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Unfortunately for her, she fell flat while descending from the stage after exchanging words with the guy. Viewers of the show on TV couldn’t get the view from her fall as the cameras didn’t capture it.


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