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Wall Shelves Price In Ghana

Wall Shelves Price In Ghana varies depending on many factors. However, with as little as GH¢200.0, you can get a very nice and quality wall shelf for your home or office.

Wall shelves are sort of tables designed and placed against a wall anchored by screws, nails or brackets. They are usually made of materials such as wood, steel, glass, bamboo etc.

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The thing about wall shelves is that they turn empty walls into great place to store and display your items.

The prices vary from seller to seller and deign and quality also determines the price of a wall shelf.

Wall shelves price in Ghana


Sampled Prices Of Wall Shelves 

  • A beautiful Square Shelves, Wall bookshelf can be purchased at GH¢1,300 in Accra.
  • A geometrical bookshelf can be purchased at GH¢980
  • Geometric Wall shelves (set of 2) made of wood is sold at GH¢200 by a seller in Accra.
  • Square floating shelves, set of three wooden cube shelves can be purchased at gh¢200

Generally, prices of all kinds of beautiful wall shelves ranges mainly between GH¢200 to GH¢1,800.

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Wall shelves helps in beautifying your room or office walls. Therefore, adding it to your decor is something you won’t regret as it offers you the opportunity to store things on them whiles decorating the room or office in the process.

However, Wall shelves price in Ghana may vary depending on many factors. The prices provided above are only sample prices hence it is possible to find them a bit higher or lower on the market.



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