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“We For Block Black Sherif, He Is Ungrateful”- Mr. Logic Demands Punishment For Singer

Controversial Ghanaian entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic demands a severe punishment for Black Sherif and others like him who violate the contracts with their managers. 

Mr. Logic, who has openly showed his support for Black Sherif in the past to the extent of tagging him as the future of Ghana music just last year is in an angry mode now. He seems to be very disappointed in the singer for what he allegedly did to his former manager.

He believes Black Sherif must be seriously punished for his insubordination and ungratefulness towards his former manager. As an artiste manager himself, it seems this got to Mr. Logic as he demands that Black Sherif be blocked by show hosts from coming on their shows to teach them some lessons.

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Speaking on Daybreak earlier today hosted by Andy Dosty, he believes that “if an artiste violated his/her contract with any investor or manager, we have to block them. You cannot come to Andy’s Show (DaybreakHits) if you do that. I will block you if I hear you are going to Ola’s show. That is how we must treat them because that way they will learn that if I (artistes) violate Alhaji Nero, Andy no go interview me again. That way, it sticks into their mind.

He continued by saying that, Black Sherif must be blocked! We for block Black Sherif. Forget about the Blacko they hail him with. Massa, what he has done to the guy, it’s somebody’s money that took him to where he is today.


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