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Weird Moment Sɛfa And Efya Sparked L£sbian Rumours For What They Did In A Club. [Watch Video]

Confusion everywhere as S3fa and Efya were caught on camera kissing each other on the lips causing stirs online.

Are they lesbians? Why would they do that? etc were some of the reactions from netizens upon seeing the video.

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S3fa of black avenue music became a household name since her “E choke” single became viral. The song has taken her to places she could ever have imagined.

And for that matter gets to roll and party with other artistes who have been in the game longer than her.

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It was on one of these outings or let’s say party’s that brought about this confusion.

Efya “nocturnal” is bound to be out in the evenings and on this very night where she was caught kissing S3fa, they met in what appears to be a club. Upon seeing each other, they decided to greet each other by kissing on the lips instead of the cheeks.

This scene has since sparked some reactions from netizens for reasons best known to them.



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