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When Is Father’s Day In Ghana?; All You Need To Know

Ever found yourself wondering when Father’s Day in Ghana is? Many a times people tend to forget about the date for fathers day until the D-day or a few hours to the day hence making it difficult to properly plan to celebrate their fathers.

For this reason, we will be sharing with you a simple guide on how to calculate the date for Father’s Day celebration in Ghana so you don’t forget.

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What Father’s Day Is

According to Wikipedia, “Father’s Day is a holiday of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds as well as the influence of fathers in society”.

It is observed in over a hundred countries and the date for observing it varies from country to country. Fathers Day is a public holiday in some countries.

However, it is not regarded as a public holiday in Ghana. It is similar to other celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and Siblings Day.

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Date For Father’s Day celebration in Ghana¬†

Fathers Day is celebrated in Ghana on the third (3rd) Sunday in June. Once you are able to remember this, you can easily know the date for each year.

It was celebrated on June 21, 2020, June 20 in 2021 and will be celebrated on June 19 in 2022.


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