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Why Should Tax Payers’ Money Be Used To Pay 2nd Lady’s Fees? – Bongo Ideas Queries

Controversial Ghanaian blogger and social media influencer, Albert Nat Hyde, popularly known as Bongo Ideas is at it again and this time questions why the taxpayers’ money will be used to pay for the education of the Second Lady, Samira Bawumia.

The Second Lady of the land, Samira Bawumia graduated with a Degree in Law from the University of London over the weekend and shared the good news with Ghanaians yesterday, March 14, receiving a lot of congratulatory messages from Ghanaians.

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However, one individual who doesn’t seem too enthused about the whole thing is blogger Albert Nat Hyde. For some reasons, the young influencer believes the education of the Second Lady was funded by government of Ghana.

He believes the good people of Ghana deserves some answers as to why government of Ghana will fund her fees when all she offers is to “rock the latest fabrics and flaunt her nicely ‘make-up’ face.”

For those who know Albert Nat Hyde, this may be seen as another attempt by him to stay relevant in twitter. However, his comments have triggered a number of tweeps.

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Here is what he said after the news broke broke that the Second Lady has graduated with a Degree in Law from the University of London “why should taxpayers’ money be used to pay for the Second Lady’s education when all she offers Ghana is to rock the latest fabrics and flaunt her nicely make up face? We need answers NOW!”

“Actually, the offices of the first and second ladies are nothing more than white elephants set up to milk the state in the name of some foundation and philanthropic work. oh gosh, scrap it off. it has not been of any good.” he concluded.


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